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How To Improve Your Listening Competence
How To Improve Your Reading Competence
How To Improve Your Speaking and Pronunciation Competence
How To Improve Your Writing Competence

How To Improve Your Listening Competence

How to learn LISTENING


  1. Listen to the radio
    Don't always have a pen in hand. Sometimes it helps to just listen.
  2. Listen to songs

Pick a favorite song. Imatate favorite singerS.

  1. Watch English TV
    Children's programming is very useful for ESL learners.
    Choose programs that you would enjoy in your own language.
    Remember that much of what you hear on TV is
  2. Call Automated Answering Machine recordings
    You can find these numbers at the front of telephone books in many English-speaking countries. Before you dial, make sure that you are calling the free numbers.
  3. Watch movies
    Choose ones with subtitles, or one from
    ESLNotes.com (provides useful notes on popular movies).
  4. Use Internet listening resources
    Every day there are more and more places to
    listen to English online.
  5. Join Primagama English


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